Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Life’s been happening, so the blogs been slipping.  This is my attempt to get back to writing regularly again, so here are some things I’ve been thinking about lately:

  •  I’m not going to continue with the “Because I’m a Christian” series (which lasted all of one post).  I’m afraid it can sound pretentious, plus my creative energies are in a new place right now.  That series started feeling like work and a burden, which is the last thing I want this blog to be, so I’m going to move on to something new.
  • I’ve been hearing a lot about “God’s will” lately and it’s been bugging me.  I don’t believe it is “God’s will” for someone to get cancer (re:The Fall).  I also don’t believe everything happens in this world and in our lives can be attributed to “God’s will.”  We have choice in most matters and all of our choices have consequences (re:Free Will).  Moreover, “God’s will” seems like a luxury only a very few can afford.  If God cares so much about finding you that parking spot or blessing your bank account, I wish God would care a bit more about acts of genocide, floods and wildfires, infant mortality rates, malnutrition…the list goes on, you get the idea.  I wish people would think one step further about the implications of their beliefs. I think if they keep digging deeper, they will find a far more substantive faith.
  • I think there is a unique set of pressures and guilt put on pastors in particular that is disguised under “God’s call.”  I think this can be manipulative and damaging. #PastorsArePeopleToo
  • I agree with whoever said it first, that it is easier to give birth to something new than resurrect something from the dead.
  • I’m amazed at the gap between how small and/or shrinking churches and large and/or growing churches think.  One is full of possibility; the other….man, I don’t even want to go further down that road…
  • I think the Church needs to be in triage mode with respect to conversations about human sexuality.  The urgency can no longer be whether or not certain manifestations of our sexuality is sinful; the urgency is now how to tend to those who are being hurt because of their sexuality.  Questions of what is sinful are important in their own ways, but I don’t think that’s where we should be placing our current priorities.  People are killing themselves.  Parents are forcing their children to the streets.  Families are being torn apart.  Faith is being jettisoned.  The ox has fallen into the pit, to use Jesus’ words.  Though it’s unlawful to save it on the sabbath, the “right” thing to do is to get in the ditch and pull the suffering one out of the pit.  This story is starting to become the predominate way I’m thinking about how the Church ought to be responding right now to issues surrounding sexuality.  Go and learn what this means, Jesus says, I desire mercy not sacrifice…What’s more important: being right and letting the ox die, or being merciful, breaking “the law,” and saving the dying?
  • I think Christianity can be both evangelical and inclusive.  I think it’s all about Jesus, and that all are invited to His table.
  • I think there is tremendous hope and opportunity and beauty in this world, and I want to be part of it.
  • I think the side table I just made is too short.  I got the design from Urban Outfitters and my engineer brother-in-law created the plans for me.  I love it.  It’s beautiful.  It’s made from mahogany, and it cost me way less than $159.  But it is so short.  It does look pretty good next to the chair we placed it by, however.  *Toot Toot*  (toots own horn, get it? :P)

That’s it for now.  See you next week?


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