Come be with me, tell me what hurts…

I’ve got a few drafts I’ve been working on, so you can probably expect two blog posts today.  This one is a break from the “Because I am a Christian…” series, and has to do with a conversation I recently had with my spiritual director.

“Imagine Jesus sitting on a log or a chair – somewhere familiar and comfortable,” she began.  “And hear him inviting, ‘Come be with me; tell me what hurts.’

I wonder if this isn’t one of the first moves God makes toward us: Come be with me, tell me what hurts.  Such an invitation is one that welcomes vulnerability, honesty, and trust.  It is a far different fundamental position of God than the One who sits on the judgment seat.  But it isn’t very different from the one who hangs on the cross either…

The bible is full of stories and parables and poems and metaphors and similes and pictures of God.  God is, of course, beyond the scope of our imagination and exceeds the limits of our understanding.  There is mystery with God, and I think that’s what the cross invites us into.  Come be with me, tell me what hurts.  Mystery.  Honesty.  Trust.  Vulnerability.

God just wants to be with us.  The more I read and reflect and converse, the more I believe this to be true.  God is love, and that love is inherently a relational one between God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Thanks to Jesus, we are invited to be participants in that relational love – to receive and to give.  Come be with me, tell me what hurts.

May we sit with Jesus and tell him our hurts.  And may we then share what we have received, sitting with others and inviting them into conversations of trust, love, honesty, and vulnerability.  For in those moments, we might just discover God…


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