Because I’m a Christian, I…

Last week I reflected on the question, “What’s the Church going to do about that?”  The next logical question – because I am a Christian – is, “What am I going to do about that?”  And that’s the question I can’t stop thinking about.

Yesterday I preached on the Prodigal Son text in Luke.  Jesus tells a story, a parable, about a father and his two sons.  “Prodigal” isn’t used in the text, but rather was ascribed to it sometime later and it’s an appropriate description of the younger brother.  A “prodigal” is someone who spends resources freely and recklessly; it’s someone who is wastefully extravagant.

As I thought more about the word prodigal, I began thinking how freely and recklessly we in America spend our resources.  The average American, according to, has over $200,000 in debt(!) – a combination of credit card, student loan, and mortgage debt.  The CDC reports that over 1/3 of Americans are considered obese and another 1/3 are overweight.  That means two in three persons is overweight in America.  Talk about prodigal living…Moreover, the continued water-shortage in the Western United States is intimately tied to current water use practices that are absolutely ridiculous, even sinful.  There should not be lush golf courses in the deserts of Las Vegas and retirement communities of Arizona.  No wonder water is running out; we are freely and recklessly spending it on extravagant, wasteful living.  We are prodigal sons and daughters, not the stewards of creation God intended for us to be.

So…what’s the Church going to do about that?  What am I going to do about that?  How am I going to be part of the solution and not just name problems?  That’s the motivation for my next “series” here on the blog.  In the coming weeks, I am going to reflect on some of the things I do “because I’m a Christian” and I hope you’ll join me in having a conversation in the comments section.  What do you do because you’re a Christian?  How do you spend your time because you are a Christian?  Where do you spend your money or how do you save it or invest it because you’re a Christian?  What do you eat or refuse to eat because of your faith?  I’m looking forward to learning from you in the coming weeks!

Next week’s topic: “Because I’m a Christian, I have gotten into home gardening.


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