6 Weeks. 6 Contributions.

So I’m still trying out this 6×6 living, living into my Word of the Year:BALANCE, and trying to keep my work, worship, love, and play in relatively equal tension with one another.  I want to keep moving FORWARD and becoming a healthier person as I strive to become more confident, more like Jesus, a great father and husband, and a better steward of who I am and what I have.

With that being said, here is my 6×6 – the 6 “contributions” I’m going to make in the next 6 weeks:

  1.  with God
    • read and journal through Galatians and Ephesians
    • being present during Lent
  2.  Kate
    • 2 TBD dates
  3.  Jath
    • 2 daddy-daughter dates
    • finish making a ‘kitchen’ for her birthday
  4. Work
    • slow down and work toward making Easter Sunday “awesome”
  5. Me
    • Read
      • finish Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
      • read The Externally Focused Church
      • begin another book – TBD
    • Exercise
      • 3 days a week
  6. Bonus
    • finish box-joint jig

There’s my list.  This time I’m not going to pressure myself or beat myself up if I don’t do everything.  It’s just a list of goals/contributions that will help keep me moving forward.

Time to go play in the snow. Hoping to get our church kids to help me make the biggest snowman in our town!


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